welcome to nu-cyberspace, a webring for mobile friendly sites.

Where does the name nu-cyberspace come from? "Nu", meaning 'new', was specfically taken from the term 'nu-goth', which is "a modern take on the goth aesthetic". In the same way, moblie friendly personal sites are like a modern take on an earlier internet. "Cyberspace" was chosen because the internet should be more like a location that you visit in your freetime, not an entity that sends you notifications and actively fights for your attention. Smartphones aren't going away anytime soon, but hopefully this webring can make it a just a little bit easier to intentionally surf the web with them instead of mindlessly scroll.

Rules? Websites in this webring do not have to be 100% usable on mobile, but they should have some usabilty and features for mobile users. This webring is for personal sites. Websites will not be added to this webring if they contain third-pary ads, NSFW content without content warnings, phishing or other spam.

How to join? Send an email to nucyberspace@protonmail.com with your name and a link to your site. You may also send in a short description of your website. When you are added you will be sent an email confirmation and you will be added to the list of members. Then, please add one of the following webring widgets to your site. The HTML widget does not work with XHTML sites. If you would like to use the XHTML compatible widget, please send me the url of the page you will be putting the widget on (ie. "yourwebsite.com/homepage" instead of "yourwebsite.com"). These widgets uses javascript, so if you do not want javascript on your site, please add a nu-cyberspace button with a link back to this site instead.

HTML Widget:

XHTML Widget:

This webring is part of the LibreRing users ring

Questions? Concerns? contact nucyberspace@protonmail.com